Monday, 19 August 2013

South Wales Programme delayed by the revolting public !

53,000 responses delay hospital decision

Astoundingly, the public have expressed their concerns over the radical changes  - proposed in this cobbled-together programme - and ( by so doing ) added at least a month to the decision-making process, according to Paul Hollard, "In order to fully and properly understand and interpret the comments submitted by the public, politicians, NHS staff and professional groups, we will need to take more time to analyse these responses" [.R.W. Well this is the first time I've ever heard that the responses to a consultation will be consider, much less 'analysed'. In my opinion, this is a horse shit sandwich for the public to digest, before the health boards go ahead with the proposals as initially published ! Of course, I could be wrong, as the government may be swayed by public opinion to cancel their plans.  Guess were my money's going ? ].

After all, isn't it the same Paul Hollard who railroaded through the overpriced and ( frankly ) daft proposals for Llandough - to say nothing about his other costly cock ups like the £8.5m preparation plans for the new Whitchurch Hospital - all backed by the equally daft and incompetent government officials?  With as much sincerity as the Walrus in Alice in Wonderland, he goes on to say "I sincerely hope the health chiefs and Welsh government take heed of this emphatic response from the people of South Wales and keep an open mind about the future of our health services before the health boards make their decision" ( hoots of derisory laughter from the public and patients who have heard this kind of garbage before ! ).

Let's all hope that I'm proved wrong, eh ?  R. W.

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