Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Minister Attempts Monumental Cover-up

Drakeford opposed to inquiry into heart patients' deaths

 Please may I assert that the Minister should not be allowed to attempt to prevent a full public inquiry into the full findings of the report by the Royal College of Surgeons. This report stresses the need for an inquiry, and it must pointed out that the MInister, Mark Drakeford is culpable in this failing of our University Hospital, because he has never told us - or done anything - about these preventable deaths and the reasons behind them.

 We need to know everyone who has failed us in this unprecedented matter of such seriousness, and we need to know exactly why they failed in their Statutory Duty of Care to the citizens of Wales in the provision of health services.  The Health and Social Care Act of 2001 is legislation for the people, partly to ensure that such a blatant attempt to cover up the truth behind these unforgivable failings does not take place.

There may be criminal charges to follow or - at the very least - closing the University Health Board until the public can be satisfied that no more deaths will occur under similar failings of Hospital Managers and Board Members.   

Only a full Public Inquiry into these catastrophic events will achieve the only results acceptable to the patients and Public of Wales. Section 11 of the H&S.C. Act covers the essential involvement of Public and Patients that must take place. If Prof Drakeford was not so ignorant of his legal obligations, he would have not made such an unimplementable pledge.

 Perhaps when we next advertise for a replacemnet Board and Chief Executive, we could seek someone of Ministerial standing who actually knows something about health ?   R.W.

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