Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Scandal of 4,442 cancelled operations

'Patients Distressed...Millions of Pounds wasted'

Thousands of operations have been cancelled across South Wales because of bed shortages and a lack of staff. Figures obtained bt the Echo show that 5,798 procedures were cancelled by Cardiff and Vale and Cwm Taf health boards in the last three financial years. That makes 4,442 in Cardiff and Vale and 1356 by Cwm Taf.

Cancellations because of bed shortages in Cardiff and Vale UHB reached a three year high in 2012 - 2013 with the total standing at 1,562 - an increase of more than 73% in the last three years. Continuing his revelations ( made a day or so ago ), Dr Richard Lewis of the B.M.A. said, "We are still seeing too many patients waiting unacceptable lengths of time in A & E, which is one of the areas suffering staff shortages."

Opposition parties expressed their shock at the figures and called for action to be taken to prevent further distress to patients. ( Like what...for instance ? R.W. ) Shadow health Minister Darren Millar said "Cancelling long-awaited operations not only wastes millions of pounds every year but causes enormous distress to vulnerable patients and can negatively impact on their long-term treatment and prognosis. Labour ministers must listen to those who work in the NHS and who need the resources to deliver standards of care which patients expect and deserve". ( Wow - another expert at stating the bleeding obvious. )

Medical Director, Dr Graham Shortland  trotted out the ( now ) lame, well-used excuse that ..."Unprecedented pressures have been to blame for operations having to be cancelled". ( What a load of cobblers ! - as everyone else knows that the massive numbers of bed cuts and other damaging cost-saving reductions in services are the sole cause of these avoidable cancellations).

The last word goes - of course - to that epitome of truth, knowledge, and all things irrelevant to the subject, Carwyn Jones, First Minister for Making a Fist of cover-ups.  Believe it or not, this supposedly great leader's final words on this problem were,
"Most of the cancellations were made by the patients themselves"

With any luck these words will ( one day ) be categorised as the most stupid blunder a so-called politician has ever made whilst 'in government'.  Of course, this low grade ex-barrister-come-muck-raking-farm-hand, can't supply any figures to prove his monumentally stupid claim. No surprise when recalling that this idiot told elected members of the Labour Party that they were not to use the word 'Labour' in any of their campaigning, being done on behalf of their constituents ( which kind-of makes them look as stupid as him, as they are all Labour Party members who work as Labour party representatives ). Not content with crippling one foot, Herr Jones then goes on to point the shotgun at his good foot, saying that "Nothing must prevent these essential changes from being made !"

I think that these revelations prove the non-existence of any semblance of Democracy existing in the Principality - don't you ??  Also, it demonstrates what a farce the entire procedure of 'Consultation' really is.     R. W.

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