Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Vindication of NHS criticisms always brings sadness

Services at University Hospital 'Dangerous' - RCS Report

After many years of protesting against the rationalisation and centralisation of our health service, I feel sad that so many patients have died, or suffered as the result of the incompetence of NHS Wales and the University Health Board.  Not one single criticism from us has ever been challenged by the Board or NHS Wales which, in itself , is a damning indictment of the way they have supposedly been managing our health services. Instead of being honest, open and transparent, NHS and the UHB have deliberately hidden the truth from the patients.  and the lied After being exposed they lie shamelssly - "it's never our fault..." they whine, "......it's the pressure on our services by the public and seasonal conditions."  Dozens more excuses are given to the press, who cannot be bothered to listen, followed by fatuous promises the "steps have been taken to correct the situation.  Everyone a scripted lie that shows that the government and the NHS' position is "we know best", and will never admit our mistakes or our management failures.

Why has it taken five years to be told that 155 cardiac patients have died, waiting for heart surgery ?  This is a terriblre indictment of the manner in which our health service has been so badly managed, for so long.. Every structural change has made no difference to the government inspired culture of "We don't need all these services for the mentally and physically ill, as most problems are caused by the public who lead unhealthy lifestyles and are always wasting doctor's time with minor injuries or ailments" and, not forgetting the classic phrases "Services are not 'fit for purpose' ( whatever the hell that means )" and, once again ( in case you've forgotten ) "We know best", which is the most ridiculous claim made yet.

Ask yourself, "What Assembly Member is qualified - in ANY way - for government position, let alone a Ministerial post ?"  The answer is a resounding "NONE" because they simply do not know the job they are promoted to and are too arrogant to learn.  This is the perfect example of the Peter Principle which states that everyone reaches ( or is promoted to ) their own level of incompetence That word applies to every memeber of the health Boards, every member of the NHS Mandarins and, not forgetting every Ass and Donkey member of the useless-as-udders-on-a-bull Community Health Councils.

You may be sure that our Labour government, from inception, has ensured that every civil servant, bureaucrat and administrative manager, all read from the same script - with NO exceptions or questions allowed. Anyone daring to breathe dissent is instantly removed under career-damaging terms, that are meant to ensure that the rest of the NHS staff 'Toe the Line, always'.

The NHS in Wales leaves the weak and vulnerable ( eg mentally ill or elderley mentally infirm dementia sufferers ) to die off whilst deliberately withholding essential services to the chronically ill, most of whom require surgery or continual care.

The report by the Royal College of Surgeons is the most damning, following criticisms by the Royal College of Physicians, The Royal College of Nursing, The General Medical Council, The Royal College of Phsychiatry, and many other health commissions, too numerous to mention.

For over 15 years, I have been fighting these changes with help from a few good friends.  More recently, I have been joined by the most talented and sincere writer that I have had the pleasure to meet - Lynnette Spragg ( my Magpie ).  I feel that all those years have been wasted, because no one listens and most people are too apathetic to even care about the ill-treatment of others.

Now, at last, I feel vindicated in everything I have said and written that criticises the NHS in Wales. However, I feel so sad for the families of patients who have lost loved ones, or who have to watch them suffering for want of health treatment.

Please, get rid of all the highly-paid eunuchs of the health boards, and their useless bosses in NHS Wales. and start again !  And, whatever else Parliament plans, PLEASE do not devolve any more powers to the incompetent Welsh government.     R.W.


  1. Excellent post, Robin.

    Aren't the UHB still claiming that there's nothing wrong, despite this new report?

    Keep up the good work xx

  2. Excellent post, Robin.

    Aren't the UHB still claiming that there's nothing wrong, despite this new report?

    Keep up the good work xx

  3. Health Minister Mark Drakeford accepts the excuse of an overloaded system with too few beds.
    Yet when in Llandough hospital recently, the charles Radcliffe Ward was under 50% (and the adjacent ward empty)but with a full nursing and support team. The waiting list for hip-ops is 7 months long, but the surgeon teams had done too few ops.
    Is this because the Managers have told them to limit numbers or they run over quota? Or because they want to pressurise the W Govt for more funding?