Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"Better to light one match than to curse the darkness...."

'Concerns over  NHS Collapse' - The South Wales Programme

If ever there was proof that our government-led NHS is wandering about blindly, the  final proof is in this ridiculous document that purports to be a consultation on only three of our services ( Paediatric, neo-natal, and Accident and Emergency.  Where and How does this ill-defined, detail-less, document address ANY or ALL of the concerns over the collapse of NHS Wales.  Looking more like a cheap travel brochure, this document offers us only more empty rhetoric, created under the newest fantasy that these changes are clinician-led, with the government standing idly by, pretending that they have absolutely no involvement in creating this bogus consultation (yeah right ). Even the Royal College of physicians illustrates the narrow focus of this programme, saying "Acute medical conditions are only considered briefly in the context of emergency medicine and chronic conditions are not considered at all !"

Apparently, we are led to believe that only 13600 questionnaires were returned, with no idea given to the numbers of our citizens that were given access to this document, or where and when the consultations took place. Needless to point out that any of the concerns raised by the dozens of attendees, will get even a passing mention - let alone be evidenced in a true record, properly published - before the aged asses and donkeys of the Community Health Council meet to give full support to the Health Boards and all of programme's proposals, showing no concern whatsoever over the dishonesty of their actions.

Despite the obvious futility of their actions, many protesters have voiced their strong objections to the changes proposed for Royal Glamorgan Hospital, which will lose neo-natal services, based on the myth that the proposals are the 'best fit' option, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean.

So, once again, the public and patients get royally shafted as they see access to their health services becoming more distant with each passing hour.  I have never been an anarchist and never have supported their actions.  However, I firmly believe that nothing will suffice, short of a national refusal to deal with ANY government requirements at all, until this destruction of our NHS is stopped and the government ousted in shame !     Their are many candles of hope but not one match to light even one them.    R.W.

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