Tuesday, 16 July 2013

No news on NHS Wales is....well...No news

Complaints but always an excuse, plus a false promise that systems have been put in place so this isn't repeated......blah, blah....and more blah

Apologies for being 'Hors de Combat' for two weeks, but one of my chronic illnesses has given me GYP ( self-inflicted, of course as the NHS says all our health problems are ) and I haven't felt very creative.  Fortunately, I did manage to make the last 'consultation' meeting on 'The Programme for South Wales', hosted by my old pal, Paul Hollard, who is ( unfortunately ) still 'insitu' at the Health Board.

That aside, it was a totally lifeless meeting attended by 33 East Enders fans, trying to go 'cold turkey'.
Gripping stuff it certainly wasn't, with The Great Deceiver giving his usual line of empty rhetoric and the usual amount of B.S. ( business statistics - hah bloody ha ) . I can only thank the all-seeing one preventing my attendance at all the previous pointless meetings.

Pointless ? Absolutely. The NHS, backed by our uncaring government, wasted a huge amount of money on pretending that the Community Health Council were listening to the concerns and anxieties of the public and the long-suffering patients.  Only one relevant Consultant was present, who answered most questions from his well-rehearsed script, doing the NHS proud, God bless him !

When it became obvious that our Ring-Master was not about to tell us anything that mattered, most people started walking out.  The smile never left his face and when I asked my question about the alleged overspends, he replied by reading an Executive Canteen Menu, before telling me that "all the figures I wanted were in the Public Domain". I couldn't help laughing, because I've trolled through 238 items of  their website - including all the different items of interest e.g. Charitable Funds Committee - and couldn't find any figures that were remotely connected to a budget, at all. 

The only items recorded ( that quickly disappeared ) were Magpie's Freedom of Information requests, along with some administrative female's evasive responses. Even, repeating the questions several times, Magpie did not get anything that resembled a useful response. So, once again, the NHS hides the truth, then lies that Final Plans for Rookwood have not been sent to the government.

Meanwhile, now that Mark Drakeford is back working on his allotment, and the Auditor general, Hugh Vaughan-Thomas packs his bucket and spade for the hols, the only honest, hard-working MP, Ann Clwydd carries on sifting through the thousands of complaints about NHS services, hoping that David Cameron will give her report more than a cursory glance. One thing is certain, the Welsh Government won't give a toss how many complaints there or how high the death toll is in Wales as long as the sun shines out of Carwyn Jones' R.E.P ( rear exit point ).         R.W.

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