Sunday, 24 March 2013

"The Fuehrer insists - "Democracy is Not an Option"

NHS Reform a Must - First Minister tells his party that NOT acting is the biggest danger

Carwyn  Jones repeats his dictate that "Doing nothing is not an option", and we ( the party faithfull ) must not allow ourselves to be led by any argument against the changes to the NHS.  "Do not listen to reason" he insists, "and, above all, do not take the concerns and opinions of the electorate into consideration".  And so, the Talibanesque Cookbook is made known to we stupid Plebians, who don't realise that healthcare has nothing to do with Hospitals, doctors and medicine - it's all about not getting ill in the first place.  From now on the words cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, alzheimers, etc do not exist, they are to be striken (?) from our language".  Ayotolla Jones commands that all medical books and journals are to be burnt in the centre of every town, and medical schools are banned. And so, the 'Dear Leader' follows the example of Stalin who famously said "People are the problem - No people, no problem". The only way the need for healthcare can be reduced is if the population is reduced, and - an absolutely essential requirement - no more immigrants - who sap our public services with their insatiable greed.

In future, any citizen displaying any signs of illness will be transferred to the Leper colony on Anglesey, where they will be refused food and water.  Subsequently, death will be considered self-inflicted because they have been living unhealthy lifestyles.  Even citizens with Acne, Dandruff Halitosis and Athletes foot will be subjected to mandatory isolation.  All other citizens will be periodically assessed for their physical fitness. Anyone failing to achieve , and maintain, Olympic qualification standards of fitness will be punished, regardless of their age. All we need now is to follow through with the Great Plan - reduce the population - starting with the mentally ill, old and the vulnerable, then, gradually increase the death rate by using demography to help strip away healthcare and treatment facilities.  Ten to fifteen years later you're looking at the modern model for autocratic cost control ( Sssssssimple - in Meerkat language ).

 In view of this justifiable cynicism, these are the unanswered questions that show that there has been no evidence of any need to change our health services.

First Minister, I ask yout to answer all of the following questions that arise from your governments failure to provide adequate healthcare for the citizens of Wales :-

  1. Why do we need to reform our health service now, after losing over 800 hospital beds and other essential rural services ?
  2. Where is the evidence that any and/or all parts of the health service need to save millions of pounds in expenditure ?
  3. Where are the published results that show irresponsible overspending - and in which areas and specialities ?
  4. From the start to the finish of any financial year, please publish the actual month-by-month performance of all Health Boards for primary and secondary service.
  5. Simply put, even for a barrister - why is change necessary and who decided what that change should be ?
  6. Why do you - a politician - think that you know what's best for the people of Wales, with regard to their healthcare needs and - again - where is the evidence to sup[port this theory ?
  7. Why has there been no Needs Assessment carried out in any/all parts of Wales ?
  8. If ANY epidemiology study has been carried out in the last decade, why hasn't this been published, in order to highlight the ares of concern ?
  9. Why are death rates of inpatients higher in Wales than anywhere else in the U.K. ?
  10. How much of our money has been wasted on 'health tourists' and asylum seekers, and why ?
  11. Who gave you a mandate to decide who lives or dies in Wales, from lack of healthcare or inaccessibility to reduced, centralised health services ?
  12. Given that the public do not support these changes ( e.g. closure of Accident and Emergency departments, relocation of Neonatal units ), why are you refusing to cancel them, especially as you have no competence in the area of health, whatsoever and you were supposed to have been elected to obey the wishes of the electorate ?
Also - Why do you persist in supporting so many proven lies made by the NHS e.g. "We are adhering to all National Service Frameworks", "We always obey the statutory regulations for Public Patient Involvement; "All of our consultations have been conducted fairly and honestly; "The Community Health Councils ARE the voice of the people";  "The status quo is not an option"; "Existing services are not 'fit for purpose' and not sustainable"; "All the budget figures are in the public domain" ( they are not, even after FoI requests) etc etc ad nauseum ???

After supplying the requested answers, would you please commit your government to Openness and Transparency in all matters relating to our health service.

Yours etc...

Will the media publish these questions ????

Of course they bloody well won't !    ( I told you I was a cynic, didn't I ? )    R.W.

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