Friday, 22 March 2013

Cuts, cuts and more cuts - is there anything left for healthcare ?

Shock as Cardiff & Vale NHS ( ? shouldn't that be 'Health Board ?' ) reveals need to make £58m cuts over the next 12  months - S Wales Echo 22.03.2013.

"Why ?" - someone must know, surely ? or does Peter Law swallow all of the information put out by the LHB and record verbatim every word of complete BS ( business statistics, of course ), dutifully without questioning anything ? The Welsh Media have become the propoganda department of the Welsh Government, giving uncritical support to all the truck-loads of horse feathers that they want us dull citizens to believe.

Nowhere in this lame article does it state what the budget actually is for 2013/2014, or why cuts should be made when the new fiscal year couldn't possibly reveal any anticipated shortfalls - yet - or else ( logically ) why this secret budget wasn't £58m lower, in the first place.  It's just another case of ensuring failure by giving impossible targets so the Minister can claim that "It was all their fault", when the intention was to make the hospitals unworkable.  Frankly, I am fed up with these over-paid fat-cats insulting my intelligence with meaningless figures that are produced at a whim, without ANY explanation as to how they were arrived at. If anyone in government wanted the NHS to succeed, they would have the doctor's running the show and setting their own budgets which would be clear, honest and transparent, at any time during the fiscal year.  As I have said before "Companies don't plan to fail, they fail to plan".  However with the NHS, they DO plan to fail and - as with capital programmes, they couldn't plan their way out of a cul-de-sac - the proposed relocation of Rookwood and the building of a new hospital for Adult Mental Health, being two prime examples.

Getting back to the £58m, are we supposed to believe that this amount was the sum of overspend from last year's  budget, or a whimsical figure plucked from the thin air surrounding the Directors of the NHS and the  Mandarins of our government ?  One fact is inarguable - that the NHS nor the government have NEVER supplied ANY evidence of how these ridiculous figures came into being. Dare we ask - has the threat of mass sackings, made by Ms Griffiths been carried out ?  I'm guessing that all the wages of LHB executives must be close to the figure of £58m, once expenses, pay-offs and pensions are all included.

Let us examine the words of the new Chief Executive, Adam Cairns, who - completely ignoring the fact that well over 800 beds have already been cut - came up with idea that most inpatients shouldn't be in his hospital, and those who are, must be long overdue for discharge.  To this genius, all the waiting lists and waiting times have disappeared and our G.P.s have finally realised that the chronically ill are not worth treating - so why send them to fill up a hospital bed ?  Yet, we must give the young chap the benefit of the fact that his starting position was long after most of the damage had been done. It's my considered opinion that he wasn't recruited for his managerial ability and past successes, but more for his all-consuming willingness to kiss ass, whilst enjoying his huge, unjustified salary.  He says he is determined to concentrate on patient-centred care, whilst, in practice he is only only being concerned about his own wealth and personal wellbeing.

The NHS and government are in complete disarray, due entirely to the collective incompetence of all of those over-paid pillocks who are completely out of their depth and frantically treading water to our detriment. It's time for the doctors to stand together and resist most of these proposed changesby 'ringfencincing' the politicians for organ donation !   R. W.

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