Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Blow the Whistle - and lose your job - are you kidding ?

Apathy - Who's listening ? Who Cares ?

I am increasingly tired of the apathy of the Welsh people over their health service which is wasting millions because of bad planning and incompetent management ( governance ). Ask any citizen of Wales - not paid for by the government or the health service - and they will tell you that the changes being made to the NHS cannot possibly provide and efficient health service, therefore they won't !

The naivety of politicians who say "Whistle blowers must be encouraged and then supported" is mind boggling.  Ever since our National Assembly Government was in place, EVERY employee was told, "Complain and you're out", from Chief Executive down to the most humble porter or cleaner. This was enshrined in the NHS governme't constitution from day one, from the day we aere informed that we had all voted for devolution.

It oesn't matter a jot whether one person dies in hospital or hundreds, the response is always the same - "We cannot comment on individual cases..." and "Measures have already been put in place to ensure that this never happens again".  How many times have we heard this crap and still we let them get away with the criminal neglect of our fellow citizens, whose only cause of death should be "Neglect by the NHS ".  Nobody - but NOBODY - is going to be dumb enough to say "Yes, I'm responsible " knowing that  not even one colleague or friend will support them, and that only the the dole queue awaits them. Frankly, anyone is dumb enough to believe differently is stone-raving-bonkers. Therefore, there is no democratic process in place as the NHS and our government are part of an autocracy akin tothat of Iosef Vissarianovich Stalin,  who declared, "People are the problem - so - no people, no problem".  So deal with the mentally ill, the educationally challenged and the growing elderly population and we can have a health service as bad as the 18th and early nineteenth centuries.

What we have in Wales is nothing short of euthenasia by neglect, or deprivation of health care services - whatever you want to call it, that's what the situation is in reality.  And who do they target first ? - the most vulnerable who cannot defend  themselves, like the mentally ill and the elderly.  Already, we have lost hundreds and hundreds of mental health beds, as well as Social Service placements for those unfortunate enough to be suffering from dementia.  In addition, we have lost over 800 inpatient beds from our General hospitals, with more cuts and less availability every damn day. For example, we have 84 Assessment Beds at Llandough for the Elderly Mentally infirm, who have no chance of ever getting better, only worse until they die an undignified death in some council-run death camp-sorry-Care Home.

So what do we do about it - absolutely NOTHING - which allows those in power to do what ever they want, whenever they want, without any proper consultation and no accountability whatsoever to the public.  The authorities think that they know what's best for us, and they don't give a toss for what you think about ANY of their proposals.  Worse still, austerity measures drive up the price of everything from basic foodstuffs and fuel for our economy, while the genuinely needy people get their benefits cut or stopped altogether.

The truth is that all those in  positions of power over are lives are incompetent - promoted from jobs they barely knew, to jobs that they haven't a clue how to carry out.  and WHY ?? - because the ruddy politicians run everything. The rule is "Be loyal to the Party and the Party will look after you and reward you. Fail to toe the Party Line and you will be dismissed and disgraced - unemployable in any public service.

So why aren't we taking to the streets, united against this autocratic rule that means our standards of living get lower every day ???  Answer - because the Welsh people are some of the most backward, uneducated and uncaring people in the entire world.  WE should INSIST that the Health Services and the Education Service be taken out of the hands of politicians, and don't let any of the buggers near a bag of sugar, let alone any amount of cash ! As I have said before, they couldn't plan their way out of a cul-de-sac, let alone plan an urban development complete with adequate infrastructure - all morons with nothing to do but stick to false Party Loyalties ! And we are dull enough to think they can manage a budget of hundreds of billions of pounds - what cowardly  fools we are !   R. W.

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