Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Special Requests from Viewers

The Prophecies of failure in NHS, due to the changes made are all true..

Good morning, I wish I was more able to keep the posts going daily.  However, I am being pestered to comment on the Gagging order problem that appears to only have come to light with the problems of Gary Walker, ex Chief Executive of the United Lincoln Hospital, who was sacked for daring to say that patients were being put at risk at his hospital.  Now, I am personally not interested in the happenings of North East England as Wales has enough problems of its' own with such dictatorial controls on Welsh executives having been in force for years.

Apparently, all of my friends and colleagues have forgotten that our past Dear Leader, Rhodri Morgan, placed Gagging orders in the contracts of all Local Health Boards at the very formation of the original 22 health boards.  This has been well known for over a decade, and is part of the problem why LHB executives are unable to highlight their own problems that are also putting patients at risk, and have been doing so for years.  This has enabled every Health Minister, from Jane Hutt to our implacable Ms Griffiths to cover-up the stoical failings of the LHBs, due to a deliberation cut in resources. I won't bore you further as this is 'old news' and, frankly, we've all been under the thumb of autocracy since the ruinous act of devolution.

Patients in Caerphilly were promised that the new hospital, Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr, would have all of the facilities that were provided by Caerphilly Miners hospital.  Sad to say the our apathetic citizens do not appreciate that any promise fron NHS Wales ( and the Dear Lady Minister ) is about as reliable as a proposal of peace from the Taliban.  The tale of Lisa Jones being unable to get treatment for her son, Fletcher, who had collapsed with a seizure ( febrile convulsion ) is truly frightening.  From my own experience of such events with my children, I know that the longer the condition goes untreated, the greater the likelyhood of irreversible brain damage.  Of course, our Minister, the Dear Lady Griffiths decreed that not having the promised A&E facility at ( the unpronouceable hospital ) would somehow improve healthcare services, which we all know has been proven to be yet another cruel deception.

In addition, we are again informed that Juniour doctors, working a 100 hour week, are putting patients at risk. It seems that this recurring problem is of no interest to our Health Minister - surprise, surprise ! Once again, our overworked Ombudsman has criticised Abertawe Bro Morganwyg LHB for the fact that nursing failed a dementia man by not providing enough fluids ( amongst other failings ), which resulted in the poor man's death.  Incredibly the organisation P.O.V.A. ( Protection of vulnerable adults ) disappointed the ombudsman, the family and the rest of us by somehow concluding that there had been no failings in the patients care.  Really, what is the use of such fawning government lackies when they deliberately overlook the obvious and choose to suck-up to the Health Board, instead of telling the truth ?

I really do feel that our Dear Lady Health Minister would be more appropriately employed as Minister for the Impoverished, for the government in Pyongyang.   R.W.

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