Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Minister faces hospitalisation after an hysterical outburst !

The Western Mail's Strap-line Minster: "I'll remove seniour managers on Health Boards that spend over budget".

Of course she didn't specify which budget, as one hasn't been revealed to the public for donkey's ears, but close staffers are rumoured to have found her crying and stamping her her feet and shouting " I'll thrceam and I'll thrceam and I'll thrcream until I'm thick !" these tortuous cries heard throughout the corridors of power until she eventually calmed down by sucking her thumb and caressing her cheek with a Mothercare 'Blanky'.

Doctors were summoned immediately and the decision taken to admit her to any ward in UHW, Llandough, Whitchurch or Llanfair. To everyone's horror, there wasn't a single bed available and no available nurses to see to her care.  Eventually Ms Griffiths was heavily sedated, strapped to the luxiourious couch in her office and left to sleep for the rest of the day.

Apparently ( so rumour contiues ) the Dear Lady's breakdown occurred when a brave bureaucrat tentatively eased  a folder under her fortified portal, whilst whispering through an arrow slit, "These are the latest overspending figuers from the Health Board, including those ones granted a share of the bailout-sorry-contingency fund of £82m....Minister.........Minister ?  A bloodcurdling scream was heard as the distressed bureaucrat was impaled on a pike-staff that sparng from the corridor wall, pinning him to the Minister's portal..

As trolls carried the poor creature away, making sure that the pike-staff was returned into its' spring-locked position, a banshee-like voice echoed from the inside of the portal, "What's THIS - they want MORE ???"  following which, the Dear Lady emerged in her hysterical state.

As if that wasn't enough, the damning report from Health Inspectorate Wales was received the very next morning, saying that nursing and doctor staffing levels were too low and causing patients to be neglected. Kirsty Williams was brought to sexual fulfilment after reading the repor,t and everyone else failed to notice that translations for patients originating from foreign shores was costing NHS Wales "over £1m" !   What a week that was.......   R.W.

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