Friday, 1 February 2013

Sissling says it all when he says nothing at all

NHS Chief Executive David Sissling is proving himself to be a grand master of rhetoric - empty, meaningless, insincere words that fail to identify any of the impending changes to the NHS and, most worryingly, the total absence of any When ? Where ? By Whom ? How ? or even why these non-specific changes are being made.

I can only assume that the Welsh Government must have a private university where its' seniour lackies' are well schooled in the art of producing the wrong sort of meaningless rhetoric at the wrong time.  It truly is an art form which Herr Sissling displays over six columns of meaningless, insincere B.S. ( business statistics, of course - yeah right ).  To me it is completely unfathomable why the Welsh media take up valuable space with such meaningless drivel.  Sadly, I fear that they assume that the population of Wales is 85% made up of people like mindless sheep who are either too stupid to understand how they are being conned, or too apathetic to care about how their public money is being spent of their health care.

All I can gleam from this daft article is that - ho hum, here we go again - the emphasis in future will be on Care in the Community ( whatever that ruddy well means ), with G.P.s and community nurses fulfilling more tasks than ever intended.  So much so, that the NHS in Wales has completely lost its' identity as services become moved about - always against the will of the people - centralised or rationalised in order to save costs.  I keep asking "Where is this supposed overspending taking place ?" also, "Across which services ? and how did this all come about in a supposedly managed public service ?" Where is the accountability for heavens sake ? Are we really expected to believe that massive overspending has occurred throughout NHS Wales to the extent that our hospitals are insolvent ?  [ Incidentally, this is technically impossible as they are a public service - funded by guaranteed government money - not a profit and loss enterprise. ]

Why do they keep hiding the financial figures from us ?  Give us all of the starting budgets and the pattern of spending - over all specialities - throught the last three fiscal years.  Is that asking too much. or are the government afraid that they will be shown up as a bunch of highly paid liars ?  Logic dictates that this must be the case because I know of not one friend or colleague who has failed to see through the misleading pap put out by NHS Wales, backed by our corrupt government.
And what do we hear as a priority ? - There should be more women in the Senedd ( presumably to provide more puff to the wind section of this expensive bandstand !  God help us all if this is achieved, because competence is the last qualification being sought - Just being physiologically identifiable as being remotely female will do ! 

The evidenc is there aplenty.  Study every female AM and you will find only one that is competent to hold her position, and that is Kirsty Williams, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.  I pray that the likes of Leslie Griffiths ( and her Stygian ilk ) are booted out of their jobs before the entire Health Service is destroyed. Kirsty Williams is the only female AM that I would have as Health and Social Services Minister because of the high standard od integrity and sincerity that she displays. Wake up Wales and speak out against this abuse of public money - OUR money £6bn of it !   

R. W.  The ignored voice of all people in need of care.

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