Monday, 29 October 2012

Spaghetti Junction to Llandough

I don't know if you saw the 'Health Unit Plan Set for Approval' in last weeks ( 23rd ) Echo, but the junction ( that nobody likes ) is set to be established as the main way into the Llandough site.  I visited Llanfair last week and noticed that the lower car park is now closed and 'construction work ?' is going on at a rate of knots, on the road way that ( I suppose ) will enter opposite the Harriers, dog-leg right, dog-leg left, then up the steep hill to Lord-knows-where.  The foundations for the new hospital ( or the car park ) have already taken over the staff car park, meaning that the staff will have nowhere to park, except in the 150 space multi-storey car park, to be built somewhere on the site.
The new hospital will include the concourse and shops and will be built on 'the existing car park'  The brillianrt planners at the Vale, - working with Paul Hollard, Planning director for the Universally Inept Cardiff & Vale Health Board.

In conclusion it appears that 90% of the 4/500 car spaces will be replaced by 150 space car park - BUT - at least the new junction will rush staff and visitors to the over-conjested site, where they will have insufficient room to park. Fortunately, the traffic will be slow entering the hospital as these changes will create gridlock from Dinas Powis, Barry Road and along Penlan Road !
One stupid planner was enough, but two idiots working together is a recipe for disaster.  I've already Christened the new junction, Spaghetti Bollocknaise Junction, which is impossible to translate into Welsh - hooray.  Of course, it MIGHT work for incoming traffic ( to the site ) but - ask yourself - how will any vehicle be able to leave the site in order to gain use of the Dinas Powis Road, Barry Road, and even Redlands Road.

Fortunately Rob Thomas, The Vales Council's Director of Development, says "It is considered that with the improvements set for the junction with Penlan Road the traffic generationby the development would not be of any level that would be a significant detriment to the local highway infrastructure in terms of congestion." ( yeah right ).  He goes on to conclude, "But the junction improvements at the access and the travel plan need to be fully implemented prior to the first beneficial use of the prosed new units"
Now that it's been made perfectly clear to the plebs, there is no need for further concern.
( make that THREE idiots ). Oh.....and no one has mentioned how the access to the newly transferred Rookwood facility will be achieved. Perhaps it's been cancelled as the Health Board are not allowed to profit from the sale of land at Rookwood in order to finance the new Llandough Units.  As for the Llanfair unit - Lord knows what's to happen to this as the geniuses ( geneii ?) at the Board haven't mentioned anything else. [watch this space]    R.W.

P.S.  The article was written by tha famous ass-kisser, Pater Collins ( say no more )

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