Saturday, 20 October 2012

A & E Closures - Utter Madness......and just to prove the point....

Fridayday, October 19th 2012

Yesterday, I joined the slow procession of traffic attempting to go from Culverhouse Cross to Western Avenue.  My ex-wife thought the BBC were filming an excerpt from Casualty, whilst I thought a major accident had occurred on Cowbridge Road West. I was shocked by the numbers of ambulances and police cars that were racing along both sides of the Road - I can only liken the sound of their sirens to the sound of the Air Raid Sirens that had terrified me so much as a child.

Slowly we passed bodies lying on both sides of the road, none moving except for the paramedics that scmpered around the bodies like worker ants in a frenzy.  We watched people being carefully placed in the rear of ambulances, whilst other bodies on the pavement awaited their turn.  The lower down the slope we travelled the worse the carnage appeared to be, with at least a dozen ambulance men and even more police crowding the ribboned off area of Ely Fire station.

Later we learned - to our horror - that 14 people had been brutally run over by a large white van.  Tragically, news of the death of Karina Menzies reached us as we arrived home, and that at least five of the remaining injured were children, as young as three.  Fortunately, in this busy urban area, the emergency services performed way above any reasonable expectation, rushing the injured to the University Hospital, which had immediately switched to disaster mode, where the A & E staff became the life-saving angels that they are so well trained to become at such times.

Saturday's Echo revealed the tragic horror of the 'hit-and-run' locations that had become the scenes of human carnage.Rarely, since Aberfan and the 9/11 disasters, have I felt more sorrow and pity at the same time.  How could this have happened, such utter madness, perpetrated by an individual whose mind and body is clearly beyond any hope of salvation ?  We pray for the families of poor Karina and the other victims of this act of complete incomprehensible madness.

Sadly, these tragic events highlight a greater act of madness perpetrated by the Universally Inept Health Board and the incompetent planners in NHS Wales and all levels of our develved government. Just days earlier, they had confirmed the closure of seven A & E units throughout rural and urban areas of Wales. How the hell can any sane person justify such unjustifiable cost-slashing, when 80 % of GPs, and all the evidence from research fail to support such changes.  From yesterday's evidence, Accident and Emergency services in future will be totally unstustainable, completely inadequate, and inaccessible to the majority of the population of our once-great country.

Already, we have had to watch these unscrupullous and self-serving Carpetbaggers decimate our health services over the past decade. And why ? - because our health services are not 'fit for purpose' - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, over a decade of population expansion that requires more, and better, health services than ever before ( particularly, the elderly whose numbers have increased more than any other group. Nye Bevan's achievements in providing 'health care at the point of need' have been irrevocably reversed by the incompetent Mandarins and Bureaucrats ( talking Bureaucrap ) - and we have stood by, dumbly allowing this desecration to occur.
Recent days have shown how excellent our Emergency services are, and how incompetent is our Government.  R. W.

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