Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another day and £2m less for Mental Health

Mental Illness gets £12m lift - Echo Saturday 6th October

Is it any wonder why I'm such a lousy fan of Leslie Griffiths ? With her undaunted enthusiasm for announcing 'good news ' ( yeah right ), she welcomes the a £12m investment in mental health ?   So, what's the problem - she's only confirming the Finance MInister's figures........ isn't she ?????  Well,damn them all to hell for their cruel deceptions, because, she adds 'This figure INCLUDES £10m - that's TEN MIllion for the acute mental health hospital in the Vale of Glamorgan'. So, either the silly cow hasn't read her script properly or - since Jane Hutt's announcement  ( £12m for new unit at Llandough ) - she's reduced the money by £2m already. Of course, the other obvious alternative is that ( unsurprisingly ) she doesn't know what she's talking about ( my personal preference, always ).

So, whichever you believe, it looks as though Mental Health has been screwed again by our incompetent and uncaring government.

Meanwhile, I hope they've all been watching Homeland to appreciate how well Claire Danes portrays the agonies of Bi - Polar sufferers.  I hated the E.C.T. ( Electro Convulsive Treatment ) near the end but it showed two facts - a) How awful the suffering must be for those patients, and - b) How brilliant they are capable of being when stabilised by their medication.  We must all try to raise awareness of those who suffer mental health problems and we MUST reduce the continuing, irrational stigmatisation that is rife within our society.   We should start with Leslie Griffiths, but she's probably too busy seeking out more 'good news' rubbish, and more KIm Jong IL photo opportunities that show her to be the 'Dear Leader' of our Health Servives in Wales.    R.W.

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