Monday, 24 September 2012

Staff Procedures at Whitchurch a Patient Dies

Staff Actions on Choking Man Questioned     ( !9th September 2012, Echo )

[ This is compulsory reading, otherwise you wouldn't believe it happened ]

A Jury has returned a narrative verdict on a man who died from choking at Whitchurch Hospital.  Georj Sahan died in March during lunch after swallowing a piece of meat.  Cardiff & Vale Coroner  Mary Hassell ( Yes, it's her again ) stated that procedures undertaken by staff to save Mr Sahan were 'unclear'.  She noted that staff were either not given the right training on administering suction before oxygen on a choking patient, with regar to which action came first - or they did not follow the traning correctly.  She added "procedures Did contain such guidance but this procedure was not followed in this case"
Despite the consultant psychiatrist telling the court there was no link between prescribed anti-biotic medication and a difficulty with swallowing, the Pathologist who performed the post mortem claimed there was evidence to the contrary, the coroner noted (Well, one of the buggers was wrong so why wasn't this followed up ??). "The pathologist.... stated that the consumption of this type of medicine was well known, in some cases, to impact on a patient's ability to swallo" she said.
The 62 year old Mr Sahan suffered with schizophrenia and had been receiving treatment for the condition since his early 20s.  He was pronounced dead in the dining hall of the secure ubit, where he had been living on and off for the past 4 years. [ nobody even said "sorry", and the narrative verdict means that the family cannot have a full independent investigation into his untimely death ].

Ruddy marvellous - eh ???    R.W.  

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