Thursday, 6 September 2012

Autocratic Government Ingnores Public Opinion

Auditor General probes £20m South Wales Land Developments deal

5 September 2012 Last updated at 21:39 Help<>

The Wales Audit Office is investigating the sale of more than £20m worth of publicly-owned land to a company based in a Channel Islands tax haven.
An investigation by BBC Wales has revealed that 16 sites across Wales were sold in a single deal without an open tendering process.
The Welsh government has defended the sale, saying the land was sold above its market rate.
BBC Wales business correspondent Nick Servini reports.
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* <> Watchdog probes£20m land deal

Isn't it staggering, that our Government is hell bent on making Wales a Banana Republic, or a Cockle Republic, as that's all we'll end up having to export - unless we can sell welks also ? As with the Atos debacle, is it possible that there is NO British company who could tender for this work ?
Thank goodness that we have a bold Auditor General who will deal firmly with this land-rape and put the government in its'place ! ( Yeah Right ). R.W.

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