Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Euthanasia - a step closer with government henchmen Atos

For the attention of Pat English - 'You Say' Editor

Dear Madam,

I applaud David Simpson for his excellent letter, in defence of the vulnerable and disabled ( mentally and physically ). I just wish to add a fact not made in this letter. All of the DWP Centers, and their staff, were taken over by Atos completely. Therefore, none of them work for the DWP any more, nor were they consulted on this change. All this was done following the instructions of the UK and Welsh governments, setting a new low for the betrayal of the most vulnerable and disabled in our society.

No one gets past an Atos Assessment because, even if they pass the first assessment, all previous medical evidence is ignored, making it impossible to score any points. Our governments have bought a French company of henchmen to guillotine any applicant's assessment. What an irony to cowardly ignore their duty of care to the vulnerable, by selling out to a duplicitous - and crooked - foreign company. We are betrayed by the evil coalition in London and the iniquitous Labour government in Wales. This will inevitably increase the chances of UKIP, the Greens, or even the BNP to form the next government ( well.....not the BNP, of course ). Shame on the three 'main' parties for approving this wicked and cruel deception of 'assessment'.

Yours faithfully

Robin Williams - Patient Advocate

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