Sunday, 15 July 2012

The ( new ) Auditor General Says that the NHS is "simply unaffordable".

At a time when I am begging for support against these merciless and ( to my mind ) unnecessary cuts to life-saving health services, the New Auditor General, Huw Vaughan Thomas pours more coal into the furnace that ensures that these cuts cannot be reversed states grandly that "The NHS is 'Simply Unaffordable'. So how have we managed all these decades, and what has changed - apart from government cowardice - to make these changes appear necessary ? Of course, there is no answer, merely empty meaningless words such as "the status Quo is not an option", and "services are not fit for purpose" ( whatever the hell either patronising terms means ). Now, this Auditor General shows that he is from the same kennels that produced his predecessors. and all the miserable, feigning civil service whelps that do the bidding of their masters with such apparent zeal. No - we can get no comfort from the saying 'a new broom sweeps clean'. Instead it is 'carry on sweeping all the abuses of public funding under the carpet, whilst obeying every wish of HQ in Cathays Park' He was asked to re-examine the shameful corruption that led to Sully Hospital ( and grounds ) being gifted to Galliard Developments - by our crooked Health Trust Directors - for a paltry £2m, for all that the sales bumf specified. They actually paid £3m in total - the extra million being for land not offered to any other of the 104 potential bidders, and supposedly not to be developed.

Now this ridiculous Mandarin of Financial matters, makes the stupid statement the 'The NHS is Unaffordable". Of course what he really means is that under constricting budgets, the government will not pay out for the health services as promised by the great Aneurin Bevan. The key to this awful deceit, is the blatant unwillingness of an incompetent government to meet the healthcare needs of our growing population. As with the local authority in the Vale ( the Bryneithin scam ), the government - now through the so-called 'independent' General - is attempting to blindly place some kind of viability test to health services that are essential. As I have said many times, this means of testing the management of public funds by health authorities ( or any public service, for that matter ) is errant nonsense. Where have 'Honesty', 'Truthfulness', Transparancy', and 'Openness' gone ???? And who created all of this empty rhetoric to replace these important vales ??? Perhaps there is a secret 'Minister of Words' in our government, rewriting the English language, to ensure that all of us remain completely bemused by their dishonest and ( certainly) insincere declarations ? And, STILL, the incompetent Leslie Griffiths remains in office with the stubborness of a mule. R.W.

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