Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Health Minister - in The Dock, at last

Laugh ? I nearly wet myself. Professor Marcus Longley was asked to write a report about the changes to be made in NHS Wales, and - as with every other report or consultation ordered by 'The Minister' - it has come to light that the results of the report were pre-ordained by close work ( or collusion, I prefer ) between the eminent Professor and his paymasters in the Welsh government, specifically Leslie Griffiths' own band of loyal civil services, who are similarly paid to "Do what you're told, or take a hike" ( well, you didn't think everyone in this corrupt government had any freedom to say anything that remotely bears a resemblence to the truth - did you ? )

So, it has come to pass that the Minister- after her thorough makeover in her appearance - stands before the A.M.s from all parties, attempting to justify this typical collusion between anyone asked to write an 'Independent report' ( Yeah right ) on pre-determined matters, such as all the recent inexplicable changes made to parts of our health service. Then these 'after-the-event' spurious reports are given the "We welcome the findings of report XYZ, as it shows that the status quo is NOT an option". Or, in other words 'Thanks Marcus for confirming exactly what we told you to confirm, in return for the huge fee paid to you".

And the 'dear leader' adopts the Kim Il Jong posture by saying, "I was not lying, nor have I - or anyone in my department ( oops-a-daisy ) done anything to influence the findings of this report." Well, that's about as believable as Scientologists that we are are all Thetans who have taken over our bodies etc etc ad nauseum.

I really do hope that she gets ripped apart in public, before being made to resign. And poor old Carwyn has got his work cut out to find another dumb fall-guy to do his bidding or suffer a similar fate to her/his predecessors. Meanwhile, the public is kept completely mystified by this sudden claim of 'Transparancy" over changes that they were obviously too stupid to understand - hence they were never asked. R.W.

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