Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dr Tony

Once again, our ex Chief Medical Officer continues to confuse us with figures in para 1of his recent statement - "More than half the population ( of Wales ) are overweight or obese, and a third do little physical activity." So, children : 1/2 = 3/6ths and 1/3rd = 2/6ths, making a total of 5/6ths, or 83.3% of the population. How the great mathmedical brain arrived at this figure is a complete mystery, which the great sage fails to disclose. ( lack of evidence has never prevented anyone in NHS Wales from making similar stupid statements ).

However, surely the Taliban-esque headline is enough to send us running in terror towards a Dietician before most of us explode in a blur of disgusting flesh ? After all such alarmism is ( usually ) quite effective.

Personally speaking, if pseudo-intellectuals like the scene-stealing doctor, continue to blind us with this mathmedical B.S. ( business statists, of course ), we will all remain in ignorance of what it is we are expected to do. Frankly I am amazed that so many poor citizens - existing in Wales' many areas of deprivation - can afford to get fat. Certainly we poor pensioners would find it extremely difficult on our meagre pensions but - with Cameron telling us that the elderly must bear their share of the cuts - perhaps Dr Jewell will explain all in his Final, final report ? R. W.

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  1. Yes it is high time in Welsh NHS for some ,"Honesty, openness and transparency" the BMA has called for WESTERN MAIL 14/07.12.
    Dr.Richard lewis, Welsh Secretary of BMA said changes need to be made but only based on ,"solid evidence".
    With Lesley in charge there does not seem much chance of that.
    How much longer will the people of Wales have to put up with the incompetence and uncaring attitude of this Minister ? The previous one was bad enough ! All three opposition parties have now lost confidence in Lesley Griffiths.She should GO and SOON .
    How much longer are we going to second rate politicians destroy the health of our nation? Confidence in the Welsh NHS has now been seriously undermined as any one with half a brain can see.