Monday, 16 April 2012

Lynnette and 'Women's Things'

With all the recent cock-ups in women's and maternity services, I had hoped that my friend and colleague, Lynette Spragg, would have made some appropriate remarks, such as "I told you so....", and "Why don't you listen to the women for once ?"  Unfortunately my friend has been rather unwell, so I am making an Interlude that will help to build up the heralding of her return to the keyboard. UHW has not fulfilled its' promises with regard to improving women's services, which is a bitter disappointment after the document "What Women Want" ( Ha, bloody Ha ! ).  A baby is born brain damaged and dies, and all the Universally Inept Health Board can say is "Sorry", after an investigation showed deliberate negligence on the part of a midwife. I'm sure the parents and family of that poor baby will find little comfort in that word 'Sorry' - so inadequate and insincere as it undoubtedly was.  Then, we read of a shortage of beds, with one expectant mum being sent to Taunton, all the way from Cardiff, because the Head of Maternity Services couldn't plan a P.... U. in a brewery, much less the care of  an expectant mother in need of a bed ( or even a stable manger, for that matter ).  What a complete mess has been made when 'planning' ( Ha bloody Ha ! ), the completely unnecessary relocation of these services from Llandough to a new, £14m (  min. ) unit at U.H.W.. With such incompetent planning, it is appropriate that the timing coincides with the 100th anniversary of that other planning masterpiece, The Titanic. Our NHS services may not sink, but they certainly are 'All at Sea'.  Over to you, Llinos......   R.W.


  1. The closure of Llandough was a great shame. But it's closed and you need to move on!


  2. Unless you have personal contact with the family, I don't think you should be using someones misfortunes for your own gratification in slating the UHW, as clearly you have issues with them.If you listen to the news the NHS is in crisis and this is a natinal problem and problems are not isolated to UHW. And are unlikely to improve due to government cuts to NHS services. Get a job!

  3. Lynnette Spragg19 April 2012 at 09:02

    Haha telling an 80 year old terminally ill man to get a job! You either work for the Government or the NHS, surely!

    This blog is to highlight the errors made by the Health Board in Cardiff. The point shouldn't be whether we know the people involved (just like i'm sure South Wales Echo sit down to dinner with each story they receive) but why we have anything to write about at all.

    I'm so pleased that you are willing to settle for substandard health care, and that's fine, but we're not and unfortunately for you, we have an opinion and a means of expressing it.

    Have a nice day.

    1. What a ruddy cheek - I'm only 67, but I am chronically ill. I'd love a job, but have to settle for being a poor ( financially ) patient advocate. My job is to expose the lies and deceit behind so-called 'Plans for Public Consultation'. Nobody has approved any of the plans for Llandough because they haven't been made public, with all the financial detail and specifications required in a Business Case. Rookwood Plan cannot take place as it is impossible to establish an equivalent value for the Rookwood site that would be the equal of the space at Llandough. Thanks for your comment but the Charity Commission has to approve such a move and they do not allow the Health Board to profit from sales of Charity owned land. Robin