Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another 'NEW' PLan from the UIHB - even more nonsensicle ( for the patient)

Thanks to my friend and colleague for taking the time to write such a brilliant post - Lynnette is now ( officially ) my 'partner in crime' in keeping our blog going.  I know I'm early 'posting', but my news couldn't wait !

By stealth ( again ) the Uiversally Inept Health Board have altered the hospital referral system.  Now, all Vale patents who are referred to hospital by their G.P. HAVE to ring Barry Hospital in order to get an appointment at one of three hospitals.  This brilliant move emasculates the GPs and puts the important referral to some helpless ( and overworked ) administrator. NOW, the GP gives you a telephone number for YOU to ring in order to get your much-needed hospital appointment.  Presumably, this will be known (henceforth) as 'Triage by Telephone' , enacted by some poor minion, not qualified for the task.  Needless to say , this will add time on the poor patient's wait for the hospital appointment, but who cares ?  Certainly not the UIHB, who place the care of the patient as their absolute last priority.  The old joke used to go like this, "What is the lowest form of life in a hospital ?"  Answer - "the Medical Student."  Now it's "The Patient" who, supposedly, is the very reason for the existence of the NHS, who is at the bottom of the heap, just below cleaning out the seagulls.  So, there you have it - if you want fast treatment from the NHS - become of seagull !  .

I can't cope with such stupidity, so I'll let Llinos have the next word.   R.W.

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  1. Lynnette Spragg18 April 2012 at 12:08

    Really? How do you find these things out Master Robin (out of curiosity does that make ME the caped crusader now??)

    I cannot imagine having to go to the GP for them to test my urine, write me a referral letter, then have to phone BArry Hospital to get an appt at the Heath. Then again, I have now been given the DIRECT line, no less, of the Maternity Assessment Unit at Princess of Wales Bridgend, oi oi. Don't be jealous now girls, I had to deal with my fair share of bullcrap before I got this one!