Monday, 2 April 2012

If you can't trust an ex-copper....................................... ?

Finally, on the 27th March 2012, I received a written response from David Francis, Chair, Universally Inept Health Board.  It began ;
Dear Mr Williams Robin, which hinted at the sought of 'old boy' insincerity that was to cover-up the fact that he didn't have a logical (or believable ) explanation for his Health Board blocking all NHS staff from being able to access my blog.  He writes;

"I am aware that you raised similar issues in res[pect of your blog last year, and that Dr. Graham Shortland responded to you on Novemebr 4th 2011.  The reasons for staff not being able to log into your blog from the workplace have not changed and therefore I do not intend to repeat Dr Shortland's reply".
[ I strongly urge all readers to refer back to my Post dated the 26th November 2011, from The Medical Director ( no less )' that endeavours to explain these reasons, with the dexterity of a kitten trying to knit. It's worth a laught.]
'Dear David' ends this pitiful response with "Staff, of course can access your blog from their personal PCs but are not able to do so whilst in work."

Wonderful, isn't it, that this sincere and eloquent ex-copper, went to all that trouble just to tell me why HIS Health Board, won't unblock access to my blog, just because I speak the truth and they don't like it.  Never mind about Freedom of Speech, or the obvious fact that MY blog was singled out, in spite of my Rights as a Welsh citizen and a loco standi recipient of health services in his 'patch'. Obviously, Muslim extremists are allowed to spread their messages of hate, at will, but I am denied being able to write the truth about my own health service, in my own country.  Still, the dear old chap is as qualified to Chair a Health \board as I am to fly the space shuttle.  Like all the other incompetent Board members, I suppose the resoning went something like ".....well, if you can't trust an ex-policeman, who can you trust ?".  Self-explanatory really!   R.W.

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