Thursday, 13 October 2011

Well Done Lynnette..........and Kirsty Williams

What a pleasure it is to read Lynette's post, reporting on the criticisms made of The First Minister's policy with regard to Health Services in Wales. This is precisely why I want to widen contributions to 'our' posts, as they reveal the common problems we all face, throughout all health services in Wales. Whether the First Minister chooses to call honest reporting and accurate criticisms of the huge programme of rationalisation and centralisation of the health service, 'unfair to the NHS', the fact remains that he and his minions are systematically making all health services LESS accessible to patients, by closing hospitals, reducing bed numbers, as well as reducuing the number and geographical locations of many GP surgeries.

Of most concern, is the First Minister's total lack of consideration for the patients in Wales, whose views are invariably ignored, or are deliberately misrepresented by his fawning lap-dogs, the infamousely conniving Community Health Councils. As a prime example of their patient treachery, Gordon Harrop from their CHC base in the Vale, speaks on the claim that 'Seven extra mental health beds will be provided in the South Wales Valleys. He says' "This is a good day for mental health services and the community has been well served by the consultation process overseen by the CHC" This guy is seriously nuts, along with all his creepy cronies who live in the dark, eating rusks and warm milk. He completely IGNORES the fact that St. Tydfil's hospital is scheduled to close with the loss of a hell of a lot more beds than the lousy 7 that the cheapskates at the Universally Inept Health Board are providing. We are NOT gaining any 'extra' beds at all, and conmen like Harrop should go back to Leather Lane and take his cheap con tricks with him. More and more mental and general health beds are being lost every day, while our autocratic government insults our intelligence by claiming that "services are being improved' and 'services will be 'fit for purpose'". Even the 'grunts' of the US Marine corps ( God Bless 'em ) aren't dumb enough to swallow that load of codswallop. Are you ????? If you are, you can join all the new applicatnts for the CHC by signing up at the Frontal Lobotomy Clinic at Cardiff Royal Infirmary ( version 6 ). Like I said, "Well done Lynnette.....and Kirsty Williams. R.W.

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