Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Well done Kirsty Williams!

I honestly never thought I'd say it but WELL DONE KIRSTY WILLIAMS!

BBC Wales Health Story

She read the NHS reports and told Carwyn Jones EXACTLY what these said, and then, he came up with some bull crap which, basically, is why the situation in Wales is so bad - because the head of Labour and WAG have no idea what is going on in the Welsh NHS.

At question time in the Senedd, she said the risk assessments showed local health boards (LHBs) were "admitting the scale of the problem and challenges that they are facing".

She asked Mr Jones if he was "prepared to face up to those same challenges" and that far from the NHS subjecting people to a post-code lottery "in Wales it is more like Russian roulette".

You cannot surely expect to reduce the NHS budget by £1billion and still keep levels of service the same?

Mr Jones replied that Ms Williams' statement was not helpful to the NHS - a service that Wales was "proud of".

I'd like to meet the people of Wales that are proud of the NHS at the moment. I don't think it is anything to be 'proud of', do you?

A spokesman for Ms Griffiths said: "These irresponsible comments by the Welsh Lib Dem leader will cause unnecessary concern to patients.

"The NHS in Wales takes patient safety very seriously and to imply otherwise, is an insult to its dedicated staff.

A spokesman to speak for our Health Minister? She thinks a lot of herself eh. Alas, we are all fully aware that there are major issues with the NHS in Wales and that isn't due to a few words from Kirsty Williams, that's from personal experience within hospitals and GP surgeries etc.

I think the LHB's themselves were saying they didn't have the staff or the equipment to meet demand - Ms Williams said nothing of the sort!

Welsh NHS Confederation director Helen Birtwhistle said: "In some areas, services are provided across too many sites with the result that these limited resources - especially staff and equipment - are spread too thinly.

"The NHS is exploring opportunities to bring services together so that some of the risks that have been identified can be reduced and the quality of care for patients improved."

Ahhhh more rubbish that 'bigger is better' - not so! Bringing services together doesn't mean jack if departments don't communicate - and clearly they don't.

So the grand plan was: Ask LHB's to write a report on the failings in their areas, read report, ignore report. Nothing new there then.

The scary thing is, they hold the purse strings eeeeeeeek!

Lynnette Spragg

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  1. "And so say all of us" - Patients Groups in South Wales. We are being robbed of our health services, whilst highly paid executives live the 'life of Riley', high on the hog, enjoying themselves at our expense. WE are the victims of uncontrolled borrowing, encouragement to spend by low interest rates, and no incentive to save ( as rates are too low to make saving worthwhile ). The government and the banks expect us to make cuits in our standard of living and wellbeing, in order to pay for THEIR mistakes over THEIR mismanagement of OUR money. Make the government and the banks pay, not the people who get poorer, with less health care since the post-war ration book experiences.