Sunday, 30 October 2011

Come Out, Come Out Whoever You Are - Show Yourself at Halloween !

In an earlier post, I reported that the Universally Inept Health Board had managed to get access to this blog blocked to all NHS staff.  What are they afraid of - the truth perhaps ?  That they have been lying to us for years, promising us a better health service - 'fit for purpose', they said - remember ?
Every consultation a means of conning the long-suffering patients that 'Your health service is out of date - no longer 'fit for purpose'; not meeting the changing Health Care needs of the nation'.  As Rita Austin so aptly put it - "promising us Jam Tomorrow", in order to keep us 'in check', 'under control' whilst they began the destruction of our Health Service.  Starting with the most vulnerable - the Elderly Mentally Infirm - dementia patients, with no hope of cure or respite.  Yet, with callous indifference to their needs, the Welsh Government, the Welsh NHS, the Local Authorities ( e.g. the Vale County Council ) the Universally Inept Health Board, and their fawning lackies the Community Health Councils, they all connived to cut existing services to extinction ( vis Bryneithin - the only specialist care home in the Vale ).  Then through Sacharine smiles, their lying lips told us of a Master Plan, called 'Making a Difference' that was to provide us with the ultimate service - by closing Rookwood Hospital ( to make way for a profitable property development ) and relocating their services to Llandough Hospital.  Where ? How ? When ? Why?.  First move the Midwife-led unit to UHW, closely followed by all gynae services, including all surgical services, and the Intensive Care Unit.  Now, in 2011, the entire lot has been cleared, leaving ( supposedly ) enough room for the slowly starved Rookwood services, using their own 17 year neglect of the premises as a pitiful excuse for their profiteering.

Sounds great doesn't it ?  Except for the fact that the Charity Commission haven't approved the great deception relating to the Restrictive Covenant, or the profiteering which is strictly against all Commission rules.  Impressed ?????  You 'aint seen nuthin' yet, bud.  Parallel to this ill-coneived plan, was another - even less feasible Plan to relocate all mental Health Services from Whitchurch ( and other locations, like Barry and St David's hospital ) to a brand new £80 hospital, also on the Llandough site, for a 'ring-fenced', cool, £80m ( yeah right ).  A two inch thick document of unashamed, meaningless rhetoric - no costings included - portrayed a non-specific, no detail, Disneyland of mental health services, that was to be the answer to the 20+ years of prayers of the beleagured asylum inmates, enduring outdated, often barbaric services in a century old Victorian building.  When ???, you ask - in four long years - or, sometime never when the Welsh Government admits that it cannot afford such an extravagant development.  Meanwhile the services would have been lost, leaving a woefully inadequate service that will barely touch the needs of the growing population.
So, what do they do in the meantime ???   Establish a Big Brother Communications Security system, known as that can pry into your e-mails ( and probably your telephone conversations ) to any and all employees in the NHS.  Months ago, they blocked my blog, then extended it to all potential challengers ( known as 'habitual complainers' ) of their deceitful plans to slash services and save £300m.  Anyone out there dumb enough to believe that Wales is a Democracy , or that our government gives a toss for the health and well-being of its' citizens ?????    I didn't think so ???  Scream out loud against the intrusion of privacy and the end of Freedom of Speech !  R.W.

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