Friday, 12 April 2013

The Sounds of Heads Rolling.....????

Spring Cleaning at Last, and a New Financial Year for NHS Wales !

Well, here we all are - sitting at the start of the Fiscal Year - waiting for the expected cull of the Health Boards.  Strangely, the government has stopped wailing about the failure of the Health Boards to all be within their tight budgets, despite the £82 bail-out having been consumed.  The threat of the Canteen Lady, Leslie Griffiths ( to dispense with all of the heads of the failing LHBs ) hasn't been carried out yet.

Are we to assume that all of them were within their budgets, or do we finally wake up to the fact that the threats were as empty as the spurious budget short-fall figures ?  Considering that no budget figures were ever published - either at the start of the year or during the Dear Lady's reign of terror - it's hardly surprising that the cut-throats and the harbingers of doom are left speechless.

Perhaps it's out of respect for the passing of the Iron Lady, after 23 happy years out of office ?  But then - perhaps not.  So, Ministers, Mandarins, so-called Managers and bean counters - where are the figures ????  Or are we left to believe that all these Kim Sung Un threats were as imaginary as the budget shortfall figures that were plucked from the Bonsai Tree of Knowledge that sits in the foyer of the Cardiff Bay HQ of our stumbling, bumbling government ?  And, still, the new Minister, Professor Mark Drakeford remains silent whilst his script is urgently being re-written.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for the 'new boy', Adam Cairns to divulge details of the 'Patient Centred Service' that we will all benefit from - even though most patient centres in rural and urban areas have already been closed, or are ear-marked for closure soon. Perhaps he means that all patient services will be centred at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff....... who knows ??  Only one thing is certain - the 'Mushroom Management' system will continue - we'll all be kept in the dark except when the door opens and more B.S. is heaped on us !    R. W.

NB For those new readers amongst you, BS stands for Business statistics, of course. ( yeah right ).

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