Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hospital Campaigners in Libel Action Threat

The Western Mail reports that the 'Save Withybush Action Team' ( SWAT ) had received a solicitor's letter, dated November 8th referring to a campaign leaflet and web publications which allegedly defamed three named Hywell Dda  Health Board bosses. The group's Chairman and Obstetrician sent a reply stating that they were happy to refrain from using the three names on any future publications, BUT... "We will continue to tell the truth about health service provision in our area and will not allow our Freedom of Speech to be undermined." Now there's a man I could business with - bully for you, old boy !!

However, I confess to feeling somewhat aggreived, as I have named lying directors of at least three health boards and their solicitors, Morgan Cole ( who just happen to be acting for the Welsh goverment and ALL of their subordinate orginisations, including NHS Wales, Health Boards and Local Authorities ).  So, why haven't the buggers tthreatened to sue me, for all my damning letters, magazine articles,  and everything I've written in this truthful Blog ???  The answer is simple; SWAT and our Two Flew Over have only written the truth.

I have even begged Morgan and Cole to sue me , on behalf of any of the Health Boards, about the people I have named and their fraudulent actions, but in the 15 + years during which I have been a Better Health Service campaigner, not one threatening letter have I received, much less been summonsed to answer an action of Defamation by Slander or Libel.  You have only to read some ( if not all ) of my posts and you will see that I have exposed many deceptions, misrepresentations, bogus consultations, lies, and outright fraud with complete impunity.  Where's the justice in this absence of action and why am I being deliberately discriminated against in this outrageous manner ?

Why, even my detailed exposure of the fraudulent sale of Sully Hospital buildings plus 147 acres of land and seafront was covered up by a 'circling of the waggons'. I had the Trust dead-to-rights on the crooked wheeling and dealing that went on over the sale that went for the cheapest bid offered.  For years I exposed the truth, from the Trust's own documents - and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that 104 potential buyers were deliberately NOT offered the same terms as the eventual 'Preferred Bidder'.  No one disputed my facts - not even the Auditor General or the First Minister himself - and their solicitors contrived to withhold the Final Contract of sale that would prove to be the ultimate proof that the Trust lied and offered preferential terms to the other signatory of the contract.  Yet, incredibly, the bastards all got away with it because Morgan and Cole falsely declared that a copy of the Final Contract "could not be found".  Most galling, I'm sure you will agree -  and I still have every printed word of the truth in correspondence supplied by the Trust under the Freedom of Information Act - an absolutely useless piece of legislation that , as with the Auditor General, serves only to protect the government and all of its' undemocratic, clandestine organisations from any challenge that seeks to show them seriously at fault in any of their dealings with public funds.

So, Mr Chris Overton, Sir, please continue to campaign as strongly as you like because the Health Board and the government's crooked solicitors, will do ANYTHING to conceal the facts and certainly won't risk a public expose in the courts by suing you !  Millions of pounds of public money - OUR money - is being mispent or misused every day and there isn't a damn thing either you or I can do about it !   R.W.

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