Friday, 23 November 2012

Health Board in Very Poorly State ???

"Somebody get a grip on the truth, Please'

It has always been crystal clear that NHS Wales and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board think that all citizens of Wales are morons.  I've lost count of the number of times we have had our collective intelligence insulted on health budgets and ( alleged ) deficits.

Two Days ago, David Sissling, Director General, Chief Executive Officer NHS Wales announced that "all health Boards in Wales would meet their targets by the end of the year." Today, we are told that by April 2013 the Cardiff and Vale Health board will be at a deficit of £69m or - according to Hugh Vaughan Thomas, Auditor General - as high as £131m.

How can this possibly be, with the health board supposedly having saved over £220m this year already ?

Isn't it about time that the people in Wales were told the exact figures for the budget at the start of 2010, 2011 and 2012, followed by a breakdown of exactly how much higher the spending will be ( was ) at the end of these years ? You won't need to be a chartered accountant to work out that we are being panicked by fright management, through the use of figures that are pure B.S. ( Business Statistics - what else ? ).  Having been a keen follower of the various spurious reports - about how we need to keep cutting services in Cardiff & the Vale ( and the rest of Wales, of course )- it is easy to see that running at an ever-increasing defecit is impossible ( even if you are dull enough to believe NHS/Government rhetoric.)

Also, what do the Needs Assessments of each of these years reveal that the annual budget should be, please ?  Please believe that these figures ( from previously published budget figures ) will show just how incapable the Health Boards or NHS Wales are of telling us the truth.  Why, if we are to believe these carpetbaggers, we'll soon be arriving at a state where it will be claimed that NHS Wales can only deal with 1000 patients a month (at a cost well below the wage bill for the mandarins of the NHS and their subordinate health board officials ).

It's extremely worrying to see that democracy in Wales died 11 years ago, and that we are entering the Stalinist stage of I.V.S' declaration that "People are the problem - so, no  people no problem." ( please insert 'patients for 'people' ).  In simple terms, the budget is worked out by using the health budget funds to boost other funds, and keep the fat-cats even fatter.

It doesn't matter a damn what services are needed to keep us all in a reasonable state of good health and well-being, it only matters that we ( the poor, apathetic or dumb, public/patients ) are expected to pay for the incompetence of the bureaucrats, who couldn't manage an ice cream van and make it break even. R.W.

N.B. I.V.S. is short for Iosef Visarrianovich Stalin

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