Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Urgent - Health Board needs a 'Truth Sayer'

Health Board to save cash by rise in operations - Echo 7th May 2010

In 2012, it is unbelievable that the Universally Inept Health Board cannot do the simplest of sums. According to this article, the health Board have saved £290m last financial which - according to them - is "over 5% of budget, similar to previous years". So, if £290m is 5% ( say ), then 100% is 20 times that amount, or an incredible £5.8bn !!!. Yet this article says ( repeatedly) that their budget is £1.1bn, So, confusingly, the £5.8bn must be the entire budget for the NHS Wales. This must beg the question - "What happened to the years of savings of £292m p.a.and where have they gone ?" Also, their brilliant plan is to increase the number of operations which, (they claim) will reduce costs. If their were any logic to this theory, and assuming that they have the ability to do this, why has it never been done before, when hospitals were given waiting time targets which they consistently failed to meet ?

Then, Mr Hollard states that "if we don't do anything about our defecit, if growth continues ( in what ? RW) without us taking action, then there will be a gap of £66m ". LIke I said, brilliant - except for the fact that he, nor the Minister state what the amount of the defecit is - either in total, or at any particular time. So how does he know that 'there will be a gap of £66m' ? Neither of these deceivers EVER say why they have to make the savings i.e. What was the original budget and where ( specifically ) do these savings have to be made ? After all. their annual budget has been 1 or 1.1bn for years, so why can't we have an explanation as to WHY the Universally Inept Health Board and the NHS HAS to make these cuts, and how they arrived at the precise figures ?

Of course, they and the Government work on the assumption that we are all stupid and couldn't possibly understand the complexities of funding allocation, so we all dumbly accepth any B.S. ( business statistics ) they choose to throw at us. And, the suggestion that they're incompetent managers couldn't possibly be true because of their complete openness and transparency ( yeah right ). Also, we should never lose sight of the fact that we're all to blame for the apparent overspend, because we become ill so often. The truth is that neither the government, the NHS, nor the Health Boards behave responsibility by admitting that any perceived defecit is due to their mismanagement. And why ( you ask ), because none of the people involved have ever done an honest days work in their lives. Instead, they 'role play' at being managers under this ridiculoius notion that because they are appointed to a position, they suddenly know everything about doing the job at hand - perfect exeamples of the Peter Principal.
Obviously, there's no need for me to ask the obvious question - "How does increasing operations save money ?" It's a good job I'm so stupid that I haven't the intelligence to challenge their brilliant planning ( heavy sarcasm ). Over to you, Magpie. R.W.

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