Thursday, 1 December 2011

"The Truth is....Over by 'Ere"- More Ministerial Cock-ups

Minister for Health Predicts £50m overspend by the year end 
After you were kind enough to publish my letter 'Let us have the openness and transparency that we were promised' ( Echo 15th November ), I am staggered that the latest damning statement from Minister for Health, Leslie Griffiths' didn't make front page news, or ANY page in your newspaper.
According to Ms Griffiths, she predicts that the health Boards ( that she is supposed to be managing ) are going to have a £50m overspend by the end of the year, ( December 2011 or April 4th 2012 ?? )  What vision she must have, and how wise to warn them and us the 'there will be no top-up funding available' when this ( apparently ) forseeable disaster occurs.  How does she know this, when - as I said in my last letter - none of us know what the budgets are because they haven't been published ( even the overall budget figure might be helpful ) ? Is she getting her excuses in early, I wonder.
I daren't say anymore as - from information supplied to me under the Data Protection Act - I am a habitual, vexatious complainer, who is not a patient representative nor an advocate, and I refuse to accept dismissive letters when I politely request truthful information.  Pretty damning stuff for someone who has spent the last 14 years, trying to help patients get basic information on their service that we have a right to know.  What a beastly charlatan I must be !
Unfortunately, none of the information is accurate, and anything useful to me to defend myself has been redacted.  What bullying cowards they all are, to condemn a man who has committed the sin of daring to challenge our government when they deny any responsibility for the deceitful misrepresentations of their health boards and their lap-dogs the outright, proven liars, the Community Health Councils.  If I'm wrong, why has no one taken me to court for defamation or harrassment, or jay-walking even ? Perhaps I'll get a lethal injection next time I attend clinic, or be run over by an ambulance whilst leaving the car park ?  As the x and 'LL' files say - The Truth is over by 'ere', but it certainly isn't in any statements given by our Health Minister or her subordinate organisations.
Yours fearfully - Robin Williams - Patient Advocate and Government Pest ( In hiding )


  1. Why doesn't the Government simply answer the questions about the failures to adhere to their own policies - what are they hiding ?
    This is Orwellian. Wales is a ruddy Autocracy !

  2. Hi Robin,
    Still going strong - well done for this brilliant piece of work catching the buggers out. How dare they stop your blogg? Who do they think they are?? Have you heard anything from those that 'represent us?' They have contrevened your human rights and everyone elses by censoring what we can read and what YOU can write!!!
    Where do you go from here???
    Margo x