Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Christmas Story - No room at our hospitals

With it's usual efficiency, the South Wales Echo reports the staggering facts about Wales NHS, that 50,000 Welsh residents travelled to England for treatment on the NHS last year. These statistics released by the Welsh Government show that almost 6.5% of Welsh patients were treated 'over the border', Oh, and our Health Boards have to pay for these treatments, at a higher cost than if they were treated in Wales.

In contrast, Welsh Health Boards admitted 11,500 residents from outside Wales and, presumably, charged them for their treatment here.  What we don't know is  how many of these actually paid for their treatment or, as with 'Health Tourists', the money may never be paid, because of our crass stupidity in not making them pay 'up front' in the first place.  What we would like to see are the actual figures for the losses that we have to bear because this inherent incompetence. Hardly any wonder that we are seen of the MUGS of Europe, Asia, Africa and the 'free' world, when it comes to health care and other social benefits.

In addition, I learned today that the December issue of the Cardiff & Vale Health Board of 'Caring for the Spirit', proudly announces that our consecrated Christian Hospital Chapel  ( UHW B5 )is to be 'shared' with our Muslim brethren, because their existing rooms are not large enough to accommodate the faithful followeres of Islam.  To help them, we are paying for a muslim interior designer to arrange for the the 'necessary' changes that will have to be made to our consecrated, Christian Chapel.  And all this done in the name of  multiculturism, even though this idealistic concept is not recognised by muslims in any way, shape or form. They continue to blot our land with exclusively muslim enclaves, whilst perpetually whining about the offence caused to them by overtly Christian symbolism and Christian Festivals.  Isn't it wonderful ? - The hell it is !

And, whilst our consecrated Christian Chapel is being 'Islamified', all other faiths such as Hindus, Jews, Buddhists etc etc ad nauseum, remain consistently overlooked by the Universally Inept Health Board, along with everyone else who is still daft enough to believe that multiculturism in Britain is possible.  To me, it's a close run race between Islam and Tesco as to who will dominate Britain in the years to come ! ......................... "May God help us all" ( the real one that is ).  R W.

[ Thought for the day - Perhaps the Hordes of Migrants from Poland could help us, as they did in the Battle of Britain ?   No, you're right of course - they'd take sides - and their English is even worse than that spoken by most of our muslim brethren.

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