Saturday, 12 November 2011

Health Boards Warned "Stick to Your Budgets" by Ms Griffiths Minister

Re: "Health Boards warned 'stick to your budgets'

I was very interested to read that the Health Minister, Leslie Griffiths has issued this warning to all remaining Health Boards.  She said "The Government has set your targets and provided the means...etc."  However, amongst the following empty rhetoric about 'targets' and 'financial performance', there is no mention at all about what the budgets are and precisely how much of these 'provided means' have been devoted to running each health speciality, in terms of capital expenditure for developments, or the amounts of public money ( yours and mine ) which is to be spent on further rationalisations and costs of external consultants.

To be precise, What is the annual budget for each and every Health Board ?  also, What cost-savings are expected to be made by each in terms of 'targets' for each speciality within each Health Board.

The public has a right to know this information.  Also, what punishments does the Minister intend to administer should Health Boards fail to 'stick to their budgets' ( whatever they are ) ?

As I have previously stated, apart from the morgue at Llandough, no other targets have been met, except by deliberate misrepresentation of waiting times, such as orthopaedics.  Millions have been poured into our Health Service, yet front-line services are getting worse and much harder to access.  Shouldn't the Minister address the many existing failures in health governance before chucking her weight around Cardiff Stadium.  Experience over the past twenty years has shown that failing to confront the obvious managerial incompetence of the government, NHS Wales. and its' Health Boards, will only result in yet more incompetence and even poorer services being inflicted on the public.  So let us have the openness and transparancy we were promised when the Welsh Assembly first opened.  Publish the budgets and targets.   R.W.

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