Thursday, 17 November 2011

Happy Birthday UHW?

Have you been reading the SW Echo the last few days? Oh you really should - the stories about the fantastic University Hospital of Wales (UHW) site have warmed my cockles no end. Sigh, it sounds like a perfectly warm paradise to go, I almost WANT to be unwell just to visit...

Or not!

So UHW is 40 years old. Why should we care? The Health Board needs some good press so with a 40 year birthday celebration they probably think it's a perfect opportunity to 'big up' the 'super-hospital' and everything it stands for.

Shall we take a look at what has happened at UHW in the last year alone?

Here's one news story from March this year:

'SERIOUS concerns have been raised about the state of two wards offering specialist care to patients at the University Hospital of Wales.

Inspectors highlighted the poor fabric of the dialysis unit and neurosurgery ward during an unannounced spot check.'

So the buildings are a tad shabby.

And this news story from a few days ago:

'TWO patients died from rare infections not seen anywhere else in the world after undergoing heart surgery at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, an inquest heard yesterday.'

Oops! So there's an issue with infection/cleanliness too?

Or this one:

'Heather O’Shea, 45, of Butetown, Cardiff, who was a senior staff member in the haemotology ward at the University Hospital of Wales, had been guilty of a gross breach of trust, a judge said.'

Oh dear - not looking good is it??

From January this year:

'PATIENTS are travelling to Bristol for brain surgery because a controversial plan to centralise surgery in Wales is behind schedule, an AM has claimed.

Conservative AM Jonathan Morgan last night called on Health Minister Edwina Hart to answer questions over the provision of adult neuroscience services at the University Hospital of Wales (UHW) in Cardiff.'

I really could go on but I won't, I'm sure you get the picture.

To be fair, one thing I cannot criticise at UHW is the (majority of) staff, the floor staff I'm talking about; the nurses, doctors, porters, cleaners etc. The management leave a lot to be desired, and, to be honest, most of them could do with a few days in the real world. Don't even get me started on the Board themselves. Bah!

There's so much more to this though, waiting lists, complaints, ward closures, cancelled operations due to dirty equipment, capacity issues, parking (or lack of).

So will you please join me in raising a dirty, cracked, probably stolen glass of cheap bubbly to UHW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!                  Yours, Lynette Spragg

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  1. Neuroscience and Neurosurgery must be funded together to provide a centre of excellence for Wales. This was consulted on a couple of years ago when Edwina Hart stated she knew what was needed, and that was for her to obtain votes by sticking to outlandish idea of having two centres within 44 miles of one another and keeping her voters happy, but not considering the morbidity rates or damage done by poor care, poor equipment and basically moribund neurosurgery units that can't exist without adequate neurosciences and all that goes with it. In turn this also helps other specialties in the hospital when needing advice. You cannot have these facilities everywhere. Wales is and will lose out when our surgeons retire early through total apathy from management to their department needs and you will not get their replacements wishing to come to Wales. Why would they? Guess what, then the NHS here will have to pay for us to go elsewhere. What qualifications do AMs have to make these devastating decisions which are not in the public's interest. When I have brain surgery I want the best in the specialty and for it to be their interest they have chosen. Not some hotch-potch surgeon who has not been permitted to fulfill their potential and use the most up-to-date processes and equipment. Neurosurgery is one of the least researched areas and like mental health is the cinderella of the NHS. We consulted previously and they lied and even told very learned professionals from London that the funding was there! Where is it? What plans have actually turned into action? The CHC now should be calling the public to debate many health issues i.e. presumed consent to organ donation. This was debated before, but not through them via the public 'Healthwatchdog'. We are being censored and too much time wasted and dates gone for consultation. Views were given on presumed consent, so why again? Probably the right answer not given so they go on until obtained by default. Ask yourself, why is so much prominence given to this subject when usually benefit/ethics is supposed to be used. So few people and so much spent for mostly not a good outcome with huge cost of drugs for the rest of their lives. Seems to be the flavour of the month. Me thinks it is to set up a unit to make huge amounts of money for 'The Trust' of a body breaking shop (as in America). See how they will soon have many critical care beds for cadavers waiting to donate, but if you are ill there won't be a bed for you. We are told health is about funding, well they seem to find money for some specialties and care, but did not care about infecting people with Hep 'C' or vCJD, or HIV through blood, said it was not worth spending the money for so few infected. Well the balance is the same for organ donation. What is so special about this? Can't have certain drug for ear complaint have to go to NICE,as not on list. Where does all this come from. Yet favourite specialties who have just what they want. Remember Alistair Cook the War Correspondent/journalist, his bone cement came to Cardiff but due to his illnesses/treatment his body was not suitable for harvesting, yet it was! No permission had been given either. Your Liver is worth £85,000 google Professor Heaton etc etc to see if that is what we wish for. Could go on and on, and have done. Let's have some genuine consultation for once and timely at that.