Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Action on the failing NHS, not words

Damning NHS report forces another apology

Well, it’s a good job that we have independent hospital inspectors who aren’t afraid to report the disgusting negligence they see, especially over the poor treatment of the elderly.

Even the brazen liar Drakeford must have been choking on the words “the report makes difficult reading for anyone in the Welsh NHS “ ( and anyone involved in healthcare in Great Britain.)

He goes on, saying “The times we are living in have devalued the currency of public apology but – as the Minister responsible for Health services in Wales, I want to put on record my own unreserved apology to those individuals and families whose care has fallen short of the standard which they had a right to expect”

Hooey, I say, he didn’t add his resignation or the fact that he wasn’t kicked out long ago by bully-boy Carwyn Jones, who just sat back, watching election poles and expense forms.
In addition, former Ombudsman Peter Tyndal talked of “Serious failures” by the Prince of Wales Accident and Emergency department. BUT, Don’t run away with the idea that the ‘Prinny’s’ hospital was the only one found wanting.

Now spot checks are to be overseen by Professor Andrews and Sir Ian Carruthers The Chief Medical Officer and the chief nursing officer will lead the operation. [ I feel better already – how about you ?”]

What was it that the incoming Chief Pillock, Andrew cairns said, was it “The patient will be at the very centre of everything we do in future.” This fool is living proof that talk is cheap, especially as we’ve not heard from him since or seen any manifestation of his empty words

As I’ve been ill for three weeks, I’ll stop now and wait for the next ‘Damning Report on NHS Wales, it shouldn’t be too long coming.   R.  W.

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