Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Poor Exchange for Losing essential Services

Hospital gets £1m to help save cash (?)

I may too cynical but that headline is one of the most misrepresentative misuse of the English language.  How do you give that amount of money and then say “it’s to help save cash ?”  The Royal Glamorgan hospital has had to suffer a bellyful of incomprehensible changes that were all supposed to save the NHS Wales money by their cost-cutting measures.

Patients and nearby residents have all protested at the proposed loss of their Ante-natal services as well as the loss of their Accident and Emergency Department.  Needless to say, all their objections to the proposals totally ignored and more protests are ongoing.  So, having saved a huge sum of money making these unpopular cuts in essential services, the NHS/government are giving the hospital £1m to enable them to make MORE CUTS !

The government’s monumental stupidity over implementing their Programme for Change proposals have stunned the affected patients , residents and even consultants who are STILL protesting.  After all, what was the point in wasting all the time and money on public consultations only to ignore the 50,000 mostly negative responses - not counting the verbal responses that were supposed to be recorded in writing by the Community Health Councils.

Their is no democracy in Wales and, sadly, the uncaring government will watch the death rates climb with no compassion at all, and will  not accept any responsibility for their bad policies.  Failure is inevitable as is the probability that more adverse independent reports will be ignored.   R. W. 

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