Monday, 3 February 2014

Following the Breadcrumbs !

Choosing the Right Pathway

Now that I am only 11 months away from my allotted three score and ten - and have a very dodgy ‘Jam Tart' - I thought I should give some serious consideration of which way I plan on going to the Great Blogger’s Cyber Space in the Sky.  After hearing about the Liverpool Pathway, I didn't fancy having some stethoscope -necktie-peddler deciding when to withdraw my medication, before slowly depriving me of food and water in order to hear my final breath.  So, I examined the Welshpool and the Aberystwyth pathways before dismissing them for being unable to meet the mandatory ‘Your Last Words must be in Welsh’.

Eventually, I chose the Abertawe Pathway because I knew it was near Swansea and on the Great Western route ( which is cheaper if you book a return ticket 4 weeks in advance, even though you only intend going the one way – isn’t it ? )

Anyway, the Abertawe Pathway consists mainly of a daily diet of Laver Bread, fried in dripping with Mussels and cockles, with an optional fried egg on top. The dessert would be Bara brith and custard – the lot being washed down with four pints of Brain’s S A. And if that doesn’t kill you, nothing will !

I became a bit maudlin then, so decided to continue ‘The Adventures of Professor Prudence’ in order to buck my spirits up a bit.

After reading that A.B.M.U. Health Board were having an independent inquiry into the failings in care at the Princess of Wales Hospital Elderly ‘Abused’ at two hospital' ( Western Mail February 1st ), I remembered that Professor Prudence had refused any inquiry into the Royal College of Surgeons report that highlighted the avoidable deaths of 152 cardiac patients. Now, I ask “How did old Pru get away with that when they can have an independent inquiry into abuses at hospitals under A.B.M.U. ?" " Where were the ass-kissing media then, after U.H.W had been declared as being dangerous ??"  They should have pilloried Pru for failing in his duty to investigate all such serious matters, but no, they let the old tree-hugging horticulturist off without even offering any criticism.

Reading on, I was horrified to find an article that brought immense credit to Pru, following the delivery of a £4.6m radiotherapy machine that would be of immense help to Welsh cancer patients, instead of sending them to England.  The old boy had finally got something right !

After spending an hour in a darkened room, I recovered enough to remember that our dear Professor Prudence still had more  bad news for Wales patients, when he finally gives his approval to the rest of the changes proposed in ‘The South Wales Programme’.  What a surprise, eh ?  The changes are ridiculed and totally rejected by the public, yet professor Prudence Drakeford will confirm all of the changes underway, as specified in Paul Hollard’s Implementation Programme that was well underway months ago.

And you wonder why the people of Withybush and Llanelli are so annoyed at Pru ???

Like a Nazi general, he will stand at Breconburg trials and say  “I VAS ONLY OBEYING ORDERS”  R.W.

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