Friday, 24 January 2014

Prudent Treachery of the worst kind

Specialist baby care will move despite protestors – Minister

Over 25,000 written replies and an unknown large number of unrevealed verbal responses – most against the proposed South Wales Programme – all following a completely sham public consultation, and The Minister for ‘Prudent’ healthcare ignores public opinion with a contempt rivalling that of  the evil Iosef Vissarianovitch STALIN.  

Even after his predecessor’s erroneous declaration that , “We don’t need to consult the public, the Community Health Councils ARE the voice of the public”, Professor Prudence decides to move  the Specialist Baby Care Unit at Withybush hospital, Haverfordwest  to Glangwilli Hospital at Carmarthen.  

The Tsunami of shock over this unnecessary relocation of an outstandingly popular and successful baby unit is larger than the horror shown over  a decade of sham public consultations that all ignored public concern.

The words of that despicable deceiver, Paul Hollard, ring hollow still – “I sincerely hope that the Health Boards take notice of, and act upon, the unprecedented level of public responses” . A completely insincere, fatuous and deliberately misleading statement, made after he was given the task of implementing the proposed changes of the South Wales Programme.

Expectant mothers, politicians, GPs and consultants have all expressed their opposition to the Minister’s decision that (supposedly) endorsed the findings of a scrutiny panel which stated that current care facilities across all health board hospitals was “Neither safe nor sustainable”.

 What an irrational conclusion !     What was it based on, for pity’s sake ?-  reading tea leaves ? or the well-greased palms of Prudence’s sycophantic colleagues ?  What ruddy Scrutiny Panel are they supposedly quoting ?  Who made up this panel ? Where is their report, showing  the evidence of  their  findings that prove that  ‘all care facilities……….. were neither safe or sustainable’  ????

Let’s face it, IF this conclusion was even remotely justified I fact, where was the day-to-day management of these services ?  All this proves is the gross incompetence of management within the NHS and our government, and this is demonstrably indisputable. 

All we are waiting for now is for Prudence Drakeford to confirm that all the changes proposed in the South Wales Programme will be implemented with no less a contempt for public  opinion !       R. W.

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