Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Views on Health Revamp Revealed ( really ? )

Views on Health Revamp Revealed ?

Why isn’t the information revealed ? – see

So much information but few detailed responses, with most of the responses Showing no  detail at all.

How is, it that so much information – a huge volume of print and illustrations – produces so few facts, yet churns out a boat-load of rhetoric – meaningless, insincere and not worth the paper consumed by  - voluminous publication ?  For instance, 27,567 questionnaires were completed but – you guessed it – not a single one is made available for us to see.

Not surprisingly, the Universally Inept Health Board still claim that their ‘Best Fit’ option is the most popular, but what do the public say ?  If you look at the written responses ( I read every one of the  contents of 7 items ), the sum total of views were 244 against the proposed changes, with only 67 for any of the options.  So, if we assume only half of the questionnaires were supportive, then we still would see double the number of those against the proposals. Therefore, the massive lie in this article is that most responders were FOR the Best Fit option, with the written responses favouring Option 4.

A spokesperson said that most Health Boards will make their decision later in the year  Based on the above evidence, it would be really going against public opinion if any of the changes were approved.  Somehow, I have a feeling that the NHS and our government will insist on total acceptance of all of the changes.  That would make for a very sad day indeed !

With the sleet pouring down on us from the skies, it cannot be long before the bleatings of blame on an 'unprecedented' number of us are to blame for the forthcoming overload and inevitable gridlock.  The real blame lies with the Government and their NHS toadies who will have deliberately engineered this situation by cutting resources to the bone.  Mark my words, no one in the government or the NHS will accept any responsibility for the chaos and the inevitable increase in deaths that will result  from their stupid, callous changes.   R. W.

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