Thursday, 24 January 2013

(chant ) "Vote for me - for the L.H.B"

Conservatives ARE awake, after all !!

What a wonderful suggestion put by the 'old boys' of the public school brigade - let's have elections for all positions on the local health boards in future !  Who knows we might end up getting some members who actually know something about health, if not how NHS Wales works ( or doesn't as the case is now ).  I'm staggered that the Tory A.Ms are bothering to try to contribute to our ( already ) redundant system of government.

Of course, the Minister, Leslie Griffiths accuses the Tories of "playing at politics".  What a stupid thing to say, especially as elections will ensure that politics are kept out of the running of the health service altogether.  Churlish as it may be to point out but, the Dear Lady has been role-playing that she knows something about the health service when - in reality - she's one of the party faithful, dragged up from the depths of the parties ignoranamuses as the best of a bad lot, left over to fill a ministerial post.  Her pretence that she has no influence over the Health Boards has worn thinner than a cigarette paper.  Her refusal to let the public know what the budgets are - and precisely where they have failed to stay on target - shows that she probably doesn't know what a budget is, let alone what purpose it serves.  Scraping the barrell ? They must be down to the rotten wood already.

Why do we allow these untrained incompetents to assume roles that they have no idea about ?  Just because your one of the party faithful doesn't make you eligible to manage anying, never mind about a £6bn budget like the health service.  It's not a game you know, old trout, and you've been fumbling and stumbling around long enough now to ensure that the health service is 'mucked up' for decades to come. Am I being unfair ? I think not.Let's consider just a few recent examples ofthe results of the Dear Lady's failures as a Minister.

1.  All Health Boards fail on cancer waiting times - see article Alison Sanders, Western Mail today !

2. Suicide rates up by 30% from 2010 to end 2011.  I wonder what the 2012 figures will show ?  Excuses come in abundance ; it's middle aged men affected by the downturn in the economy 270 males overthe age of 15 took their own lives compared with 71 females.
Oh...there's just one excuse missing... That mental health services have been cut so drastically that the remaining, understaffed services cannot begin to cope with the huge demand for help placed on GPs or deprived families.  Of course, we have no idea what the need for mental health services is as NHS Wales, nor the Universally Inept Health Board have made a Needs Assessment since the Ark docked.  They say "Care in the community is the answer" - trying telling that to an aged mum who gets beaten up regularly by her untreated son.  In addition, the acutely mentally ill are being placed in the community with little, infrequent care, resulting in manias and other breakdowns that can cause damage to the patient or their family. Still, as long as Leslie Griffiths doesn't have to face them - who cares ?

3. Cross-Party AMs in health move petition.

Yes - at last - a cross-party group ( including one Labour AM have written to the Health Minister to ask her to reconsider moving neo natal services across the border.  These plans by the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board are said to be ridiculous, with 'overwhelming opposition.  Of course, the Dear Lady quotes her 'get out 'clause - that she cannot posssibly do anything until the Community Health Council have made their decision over the next six weeks.  No prizes for guessing what the chicken-shit CHC will say when they eventually approve the plans "In the best interests of the health board-SORRY- the patients ( yeah right ).

Well, you've gotta love a stubborn-as-a-dumb-mule female Minister who doesn't give a toss about the patients, or anyone else she upsets ! ( well....haven't you ? ).   R.W.

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