Friday, 1 June 2012

Let's have some good news!

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the long absence on my part. Robin has been doing a fab job keeping you all up-to-date with the latest information whilst I have been battling low blood pressure and a generally busy life.

I wanted to share some good news. Credit where credit is due, I do feel that this deserves a mention...

'A new park and ride bus service to the University Hospital of Wales is set to be launched on Monday, May 14, in a bid to ease parking problems at the site.'

Now the article doesn't state how many parking spaces will be available at the 'pick-up point' but it does say it only costs £1 to park and then a further £1 for the bus service itself which takes 7 minutes to get from Pentwyn to the UHW site.

'The service timetable takes into account staff’s shift patterns with the first bus leaving Pentwyn at 6.30am.

The service will operate every 20 minutes.'

I am aware that Eastern Avenue has recently had new bus only lanes installed, so traffic shouldn't be an issue either.

'Cardiff council’s chief officer for city management Martin Hamilton, said: “Cardiff council is delighted to see this service begin.

“Parking pressure around the hospital site has long been an issue for local residents, and this service should make a big contribution to addressing the parking pressures around the hospital.”'

I just think this is a really good idea. Although I'm not sure how Vinci will feel having less revenue from parking!


  1. Ok - so now I have to spend more than £2.20 on extra fuel in order to get a 'free' bus ride to UHW - sounds like another Paul Hollard planning brainwave to me. And, how much do we have to pay the care park in Pentwyn, to leave our cars there, dare I ask ??????

    1. Ok, I've finally worked out, I'll save 20p on the £2.20 Da Vinci parking cost, provided I'm less than 4 hrs at UHW - what a GRATE 'good news' story, Magpie. Nice to have you 'back in the saddle'.