Sunday, 29 May 2011

The 'Dark Side' that shames us all

Is it possible that anything more damning or incriminating could be written about the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, or our governement, that is a greater condemnation of our Mental Health Service, and the manner in which service user concerns and dealt with ????  My co-writer is a highly intelligent concscientous citizen with the same passion as mine for correcting these gross injustices, in order to assure better services for the Mentally ill.  More than that , we are both totally honest and credible people - outside of the circle of waggons that is the bureaucracry protecting the providers of our  Mental Health  services, that is.  In areas such as Southhampton, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol such blatant corruption would never be tolerated, yet, in the Autocracy that is our Welsh Government it has become 'Standard' or 'Best practice' throughout NHS Wales. It has to be verging on criminal negligence that such incompetents, who perpetrate these unilateral malpractises, are allowed to continue with apparent impunity

Unfortunately, the Media do not consider 'Mental Health' matters to be 'sexy' enough to warrant their attention, and the general public still treat the subject as 'taboo', and not to be spoken about in case entire familes become stigmatised by the mere mention of the word 'Mental'.  Be assured - all of you - that Gillian and I will continue to battle these injustices until the day comes when only competent individuals are allowed any say in our Mental Health Services.  Perhaps the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Mental Health Act Commission may be able to have their criticisms implemented for thr first time in over10 years ?  We can only hope that our new Minister will ensure probity in the control of our £1billion Health Budget for Cardiff and the Vale.

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